Oxford Brookes academic to help set world guidelines on fat consumption

Monday, 08 September 2008

Professor Jeya Henry appointed to global panel setting world guidelines on fat consumption.

Oxford Brookes nutritionist Professor Jeya Henry has been appointed to the global panel that will set world guidelines on fat consumption for the next decade.

Prof Henry is one of two experts from the UK invited to the consultation being held jointly by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. A dozen scientists will meet to synthesise current literature from around the world and come out with updated recommendations on daily nutritional needs.

“I have been chosen because of my work at Brookes in both western and developing world nutrition,” said Prof Henry. “Our task will be to set the levels for the quantity and quality of fat consumption – for the west, where obesity is a growing problem, and for the nearly 4 billion people living in the developing world who face a shortage of food.”

The consultation is part of a rolling programme where guidelines are set every 15 years or so for recommended consumption levels of fats, proteins and energy.

Professor Henry heads the Nutrition and Food Research Group at the School of Life Sciences at Brookes. His current research includes childhood obesity, the glycaemic index, nutrition and dietary needs of the elderly, and the development of high energy food for feeding refugees.

Prof Henry already acts as a consultant to WHO and the UN, along with Unicef. Earlier this year he was made a member of the General Advisory Committee on Science, which provide independent advice to the UK Government’s Food Standards Agency on the robust use of science and scientific evidence.

The joint FAO/WHO expert consultation on fats and fatty acids in human nutrition takes place in Geneva, Switzerland from 10-14 November 2008.