Oxford Brookes amongst first universities to receive Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark

Thursday, 26 October 2017

MARM Award

Oxford Brookes is one of the first universities to receive the Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark award (MARM).

The accolade recognises the efforts made to raise awareness of Meningitis amongst students and staff and only 14 institutions have received the award. 

The University has worked on a campaign which stresses the importance of getting the Men ACWY vaccination and identifying the symptoms of the disease. Oxford Brookes has also been found to be prepared for any potential future cases of Meningitis or Meningococcal disease on our campus.   

Dr Tom Nutt, Chief Executive of Meningitis Now said: “Congratulations to Oxford Brookes University on being one of the first in the country to achieve this important recognition and demonstrating their commitment to their students’ health and wellbeing.
“We hope Oxford Brookes will never need to deal with a case on campus but it is vital to be prepared and not be complacent about the threat of meningitis. That’s why the Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark, which raises awareness of the disease among students and staff, promotes vaccine uptake and prepares universities for what to do should the worst happen, is so important.”

Meningitis can affect anyone at any time, but students, particularly those in their first year of University are at a higher risk. Increased social interaction is a contributing factor to meningitis in students where the spread of bacteria that has not been encountered previously is more likely.

Diane Harrison, Oxford Brookes Wellbeing Services Manager, said: "Being one for the first universities to receive this award is a huge testament to Oxford Brookes' dedication to student and staff health and wellbeing. 

“I extend my thanks to all staff who have had involvement with helping to share the message of the seriousness of meningitis in a university setting and the importance of getting vaccinated."

The mark has been endorsed by Universities UK. Alistair Jarvis, Universities UK Chief Executive, commented: “The Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark is an important initiative to help universities promote vaccine uptake and raise awareness of meningitis and septicaemia symptoms. Getting medical treatment as soon as possible is critically important. This campaign could help universities save lives.”

Oxford Brookes is committed to being a socially responsible university and strongly believes wellbeing is fundamental to a positive staff and student experience. More information can be found on the dedicated student and staff social responsibility pages while guidance on meningitis can be found on the University’s dedicated webpages