Oxford Brookes Business School launches network to help local businesses scale up

Thursday, 26 September 2019

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Business leaders in Oxfordshire are taking part in Scale Up pioneer workshops led by Oxford Brookes Business School over the coming year.

The Scale Up pioneer network has been created by the Business School to help meet the growth challenges faced by local businesses, specifically by enhancing and developing the leadership and management capacity of the organisations.

Giles Orr, Head of CPD, Consultancy and Training at Oxford Brookes Business School said: “Many small and medium-sized organisations face issues around growth and while other sources of support currently exist to address access to finance and improving business operations, a key aspect to unlocking future potential is ensuring that a limited management and leadership team is optimised to engage with and support a growing workforce.

“Our Scale Up workshops will enable local leaders of growing organisations to jointly explore common issues around management and leadership, co-create solutions and test them out.

We hope to use the learning from this project to identify key tools and techniques that work to support local growing businesses.

Giles Orr, Head of CPD, Consultancy and Training, Oxford Brookes Business School

“Oxford Brookes Business School has substantial experience and knowledge in solving business problems, so combining this with professional, facilitated support, participants will use peer-to-peer learning to solve problems together.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response of local organisations - we have been oversubscribed three times over, and already have a waiting list for the next cohort of Pioneers.

“We hope to use the learning from this project to identify key tools and techniques that work to support local growing businesses."

The first Scale Up Pioneer network is made up of ten local business leaders, including Renee Watson, Head of Explosions at Curiosity Box - an Eynsham-based company who create science activity kits for children.

Speaking about how she hopes the Scale Up Pioneer workshop will help her business, Renee said: “Starting up is sexy, full of adrenaline and lots of support, while scaling up is an infinitely harder and more painful puzzle to solve. Twelve months ago, I had three staff, now I have 14 yet I have to lead and manage my growing team with no more hours in the day.

“When I first offloaded my scale-up woes to the team at Brookes Business School I never imagined he/they would react in such a timely and meaningful way. This is exactly what the UK needs to be doing to really support small businesses, I am delighted that Brookes is leading the way to help organisations like mine with this programme and I am very excited to start learning.”