Oxford Brookes continues to outperform the sector in latest National Student Survey

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

JHBB students working

The experience of students at Oxford Brookes continues to be positive with 87 per cent overall satisfaction in the latest national data.

The results of the National Student Survey (NSS) for 2016 have been released today (10 August) with overall satisfaction at Oxford Brookes being higher than the national average of 86 per cent.

In addition to being amongst the top institutions for overall satisfaction, Oxford Brookes has been shown to be outperforming the sector average for the majority of the main areas of the NSS such as “teaching on my course”, “assessment and feedback”, “organisation and management” and “personal development”.

The University has achieved upper quartile success for a number of the questions within the NSS. It is in the top quarter of institutions when students answered questions on whether “staff have made the subject interesting”, “the criteria used in marking have been clear in advance”, “good advice was available when I needed to make study choices”, “the course has helped me to present myself with confidence” and “my communication skills have improved”. 

The University has also seen success for overall satisfaction over a wide range of subject areas. Oxford Brookes has 18 subject areas which have received 90 per cent or higher overall satisfaction. These are:

  • Accounting (95 per cent) 
  • Anthropology (92)
  • Architecture (90) 
  • Biology (97)
  • Building (91) 
  • English Studies (92)
  • History (90) 
  • Human and Social Geography (96)
  • Iberian Studies (100)
  • Law (97) 
  • Mechanical Engineering (91) 
  • Molecular Bio, biophysics and biochemistry (94) 
  • Philosophy (96)
  • Physical Geography and Environment (93) 
  • Publishing (90) 
  • Sports Science (94) 
  • Teacher Training (97) 
  • Tourism, transport and travel (98)

Responding to the results, Vice Chancellor Professor Alistair Fitt said: “It is encouraging to see that satisfaction amongst Oxford Brookes students continues to outperform the average in what is an incredibly competitive sector. 

“As a University we are committed to ensuring that we enable a student experience of the highest possible quality and this is thanks to the hard work and expertise of staff.   Our students are doing amazing things every day and we regularly hear how much they enjoy living and studying at Oxford Brookes. 

“I look forward to our continued success in providing students with world-class teaching and support in the upcoming academic year and beyond.” 

The annual NSS asks a range of questions to graduating students about their time at university. It covers nearly all final-year undergraduates studying for higher education qualifications at Higher Education Institutions.  

Further information is available on the NSS webpages.