Oxford Brookes Low Carbon Building Group celebrated at SEEDS Award 2019

Monday, 07 October 2019

Rajat News page Award

Professor Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg and Dr Agnese Salvati of the Oxford Brookes Low Carbon Building Research Group have won the Chair’s Award for Best Paper in the Category: Energy Assessment Systems, at the international Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society (SEEDS) Conference 2019.

The award was made by CIOB - The Chartered Institute of Building at the conference which took place between 11-12 September at the University of Suffolk. One of the key themes of the conference is the fact that the built environment has a greater impact on natural resources and produces more waste than any other industry.

The winning paper entitled Performance Evaluation Based Claims Process for Insuring Energy Performance of New Dwellings, uses an interdisciplinary approach, combining building science and actuarial science. The research is based on the team’s recent Innovate UK funded project (I-life worth £550k) on developing an energy performance warranty for new build housing. A meta-study has been published by the LCBR group on the gap between designed and actual thermal performance of the building fabric of low energy dwellings. 

Professor Gupta commented: “It’s a great honour for the Low Carbon Building Research Group to be recognised at the SEEDS Conference. The case study looked at four apartments in a new housing development in South East England. Energy use of gas, hot water and  electricity, alongside human behavior, were monitored over the period of a year. The results have wider implications for how we assess thermal performance standards for homes now and into the future.”

Professor Gupta’s expertise in this field was also highlighted recently, when he was invited by Oxford City Council to speak and provide evidence for maximising energy reduction from buildings in Oxford, as part of the ongoing Oxford citizens assembly on climate change.

The UK’s first full citizens assembly on climate change met between the 27-28 September 2019. The assembly made up of 50 residents of a range of ages and interests, tackled the question: “Should Oxford seek to achieve net zero carbon sooner than the 2050 deadline set by Government?”

In his capacity as part of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD), Dr Gupta underlined the way forward: "We can’t just look at retrofitting buildings one by one to meet our climate targets, we need to do this rapidly, at scale and of high quality."

You can find out more about research underway at the Oxford Brookes Low Carbon Group in the School of Architecture.

Photo: Left: Professor Chris Gorse, Leeds Sustainability Institute, Leeds Beckett University. Right: Professor Rajat Gupta, Oxford Brookes University.