Oxfordshire Science Festival 2009

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Come along and see us at the Oxfordshire Science Festival launch event, 12 - 5pm, 28 February at Bonn Square.

Come along and see us at the Oxfordshire Science Festival launch event, 12 - 5pm, 28 February at Bonn Square.

There will be puzzles and strategy games from Brookes' School of Technology (12 - 2.30pm) and will be exploring the wonders of Life Sciences (2.30 - 5pm).

For more information about Brookes events at the Oxfordshire Science Festival, visit: www.oxfordshiresciencefestival.co.uk/

Oxford Science Bazaar

10am - 3pm, Saturday 14 March 2009
Main reception, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane site

A free day out for all the family with a 'spring in the air' theme.

Why are flowers so beautiful? Why does cooking make food taste better? How do people make computer games like the Sims? Is your body ready for the Olympics? Come and find out about these and many other topics at an exciting hands-on event, exploring science in everyday life - workshops, demonstrations, lab tours and puzzles.

The final of the history of Medicine schools debating competition will also take place, to be judged by Dr Evan Harris MP.

The Coffee Cabin and JB's Coffee Shop will be open for refreshments.


These workshops are for everyone aged 8 and up, unless otherwise specified. Register for workshops on the day at the foyer, Gipsy Lane Site, Headington Campus.

  • Step into spring - peeling back the petals
    How are flowers put together? How and why do they work? Why are they so beautiful? These and other questions about flowers will be investigated in this session. We will look at several spring flowers of contrasting shapes and sizes and think about why they look the way they do. We will look at some with microscopes to reveal the beauty of the pollen and other parts. We can make our own flowers using coloured paper and origami.
  • Big microscopes - Tiny cells: Be amazed!
    Come and join Brookes' scientists and together we'll look at what's happening inside living cells.
  • Brookes Cookalong
    Join in chopping, peeling, mixing and baking in our shiny new kitchen, and see the science behind your food changing. Find out how good it tastes, yum!
  • Functional Foods to keep you fit
    Garlic in your porridge? Broccoli and purple grape juice? Fish with green tea? Let the scientists from the new Functional Food Centre show you foods with added health benefits, and the real science behind them.
  • Is your body ready for the Olympics?
    Take the Olympic athlete test like the Olympic athletes visiting our lab! Learn how your body responds to exercise by having your resting heart rate and oxygen consumption recorded and then have them measured again when you are on the go. Compare the results!
  • Chromosomal Zone
    See human chromosomes in the microscope and find out how the DNA in the human genome is packaged. Find out how the 24 different human chromosomes can be recognised and how they can be 'painted' different colours. Match chromosome pairs and find out what happens if they don't match up. Recommended for age 12 upwards.
  • Programming the Virtual World
    How do people make animated three dimensional computer games like The Sims? In this session you will learn how to write your own computer programs using three dimensional characters, so you can create your own stories in a virtual world. The language used is free for education, so if you enjoy it and have a computer you will be able to write more stories at home.
  • Bridge Building
    Have you ever wondered how bridges are built to withstand the weights that are carried across them? In this session you will build your own bridge out of everyday household items. You can do this either on your own or in a team. There will be a prize for the strongest bridge built during the day.

Debating competition

Debate the Past: Build the Future
Brookes History of Medicine Schools Debating Competition Final

Are you interested in how science and medicine got to where it is today? Are you curious about the cutting edge, hooked on history, keen on the curious? Do you like a good argument? Then come and join the Brookes History of Medicine Schools Debating Competition!

We will be pitting school teams of two against each other to fight out the pros and cons of modern and historical debates in the history of science and medicine.

The winners will debate against each other in a big finale at the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar on Saturday 14 March, to be judged by Dr. Evan Harris, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon.