Peter Kennard to speak at Oxford Brookes

Monday, 22 September 2014

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Oxford Brookes University is hosting radical photomontage artist Peter Kennard for a public lecture on his new work, ‘@earth’ on Saturday 27 September at 6pm.

The lecture will form part of the on-going Photography Oxford exhibition which launched last week and is taking place between the 14 September and the 5 of October across Oxford.

Peter Kennard is currently Senior Research Reader in Photography, Art, and the Public Domain at the royal College of Art and will be discussing his most recent book, in an open lecture titled ‘Towards @earth’.

Described as ‘a master of the medium of photomontage’ Kennard’s work has consistently challenged power structures and injustices, from his anti-nuclear works of the 1980s to the powerful images he created in response to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Famous street artist Banksy said of Peter’s new work 'I take my hat off to you Sir, @earth looks great'

Peter’s book @earth brings together 40 years of images, from the Vietnam War in 1968 to the present day. @earth tells a story through the  language of images, and photomontage - the long-favoured medium of radical artists.

Peter Kennard said, “The talk will show how and why I rip photographs out of their context to bring the perpetrators of war and poverty slap bang into the same space as their victims. It leads up to my book @earth which is a story without words of global destruction and resistance told through the language of my photomontage from the last forty-five years.”

His work has appeared in numerous publications including The Guardian, Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, New Statesman and Time Magazine.

The talk will show how and why I rip photographs out of their context to bring the perpetrators of war and poverty slap bang into the same space as their victims.

Peter Kennard

The public lecture will come midway through the ‘Photography Oxford’ festival 2014, an exciting time for Oxford Brookes University, which is hosting a number of different exhibitions throughout the celebration.

The recent launch of Oxford Brookes’ three Photography Oxford exhibitions also provided a unique opportunity for a special presentation.

Oxford resident Louis Garnade, a former photographer for the Daily Mirror who went on to set-up Summertown Publishing, won a World Press Photo Award in 1956.

This was only the second year of the prestigious international awards which recognise the best in photojournalism. However, Mr Garnade was only made aware of the accolade this year and the World Press Photo launch at Oxford Brookes was therefore the perfect opportunity to recognise his achievement with the presentation of a copy of his photo 58 years .

For more information, or to book a space for Peter Kennards lecture, read about the lecture.

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The exciting weekend is just the start, with our 150th anniversary next year we are planning a whole host of interesting and awe-inspiring activities and events, be sure to watch this space!

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