Physiotherapy Society to run a marathon for Supershoes

Monday, 25 April 2016

Students run for Supershoes

Students in the Oxford Brookes Physiotherapy Society will run a marathon, through a collaborative effort, to raise money for a children’s charity on Tuesday (26 April).

The team of students, who study Physiotherapy at Oxford Brookes University, are aiming to run over 26 miles by running three kilometres each and combining their distances to raise money for volunteer-run charity Supershoes.

Supershoes create personalised shoes for children with cancer, enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing while raising awareness about keeping active. Physiotherapy Society Vice-President Louise Bliss explained why the Society has chosen to raise money for the charity: “We’ve chosen to raise money for Supershoes as we believe they make a great difference to the wellbeing of children with cancer.

“One of the organisers of the event has seen Supershoes make a direct impact on children’s willingness to participate in physiotherapy so it’s something we’ve very keen to raise money for.”

The students have already achieved their original target of raising £300 and are now aiming to raise a total of £500. 

The run will begin at 9am on Tuesday at the Marston Road site. Details on how to donate can be found on the Physiotherapy Society’s Just Giving page.