Resounding public art installed in John Henry Brookes Building

Thursday, 05 February 2015

Resounding from below

A mesmerizing new piece of public art has been installed at Oxford Brookes University.

The piece, titled ‘Resounding’ by Glaswegian artist Annie Cattrell, was lifted into its final exhibition space in the Forum of the John Henry Brookes Building on the Headington Campus last week.

Resounding, is a suspended sculpture made up of over 300 coloured cast resin droplets suspended from the ceiling by 425 cables. It is mounted to the ceiling by a disc, 5.6m in diameter, which was lifted 20 metres to its final position. The overall weight of the piece is around 800kg.

Resounding close up

Describing her work, Annie Cattrell said: “The initial concept for Resounding came from observing the fluid dynamics of how still water behaves when interrupted by the impact of a falling drop of water. The multiple ripples produced as a result of this convergence reveal how a small single dynamic element can have an enormous impact on a large volume of the same substance.

Annie’s Resounding is the perfect piece to inspire students, staff and the community within the heart of the John Henry Brookes Building

Alison Honour, Associate Dean for Student Experience at Oxford Brookes

“This visual and physical behaviour of water is intended to act as a subtle metaphor for how teaching and learning can extend and reverberate knowledge and ideas beyond university”.

Annie Cattrell’s artistic practice has often been informed by working with specialists in a wide range of other disciplines including neuroscience, meteorology, engineering, psychiatry and the history of science. This cross-disciplinary approach has enabled her to learn about and engage with cutting edge research in these fields. She is particularly interested in the parallels that can be drawn and connections that can be made between art and science 

Alison Honour Associate Dean for Student Experience and lead for Oxford Brookes’ Public Art Strategy said:  “The piece has attracted much attention and excitement during its installation and I’m sure it will continue to be a main talking point.

"Annie’s Resounding is the perfect piece to inspire students, staff and the community within the heart of the John Henry Brookes Building.

Annie Cattrell studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, the University of Ulster and at the Royal College of Art. She has lectured in many art colleges in the UK, has been a tutor at the Royal College of Art since 2000 and is a Reader in Fine Art at DeMontfort University. She regularly exhibits nationally and internationally in museums and galleries such as the Mori Museum in Tokyo, the National Museum in Stockholm and the Kunstverein in Freiburg.

Annie Cattrell will be hosting a lecture on the subject of site specific art installations and the creation of ‘Resounding’ on Thursday 12th March. The lecture will be held in the John Henry Brookes Lecture Theatre on the Headington Campus between 12pm and 1pm and is free for all who attend. Further details will be announced shortly. 

A time lapse video of the construction of Resounding in the John Henry Brookes Building can be viewed below.

The John Henry Brookes Building has received a number of awards and accolades since opening in February 2014.