Student accommodation helps solve energy challenge

Friday, 04 November 2016


Today the historic Paris Agreement to address climate change will enter into force and here in Oxford, efforts are underway to reduce the city’s carbon emissions too.

As a Pathfinder organisation for Low Carbon Oxford, Oxford Brookes University is helping to achieve the aim of reductions of 40% in city-wide emissions by the year 2020. Watch the video below, which has been produced by Oxford Brookes students, to learn more about the city’s ambitions.

Following successful pilot, a pioneering energy solution will be launched in our electric heated student accommodation in the coming months.  

The new system will have an impact beyond our estate and help drive positive change in the electricity system as a whole.

Gavin Hodgson, Energy and Carbon Reduction Specialist, Oxford Brookes University

Thanks to an innovative partnership with Open Energi, we are now able to actively manage our energy use.  By switching appliances on and off during peak times we can assist the National Grid in maintaining the quality of electricity supplied.  This helps to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel power stations, supports the adoption of renewable technologies and lowers the chances of energy brown-outs and black-outs in the local area. 

Gavin Hodgson, Energy and Carbon Reduction Specialist at Oxford Brookes University said:  “The new system will have an impact beyond our estate and help drive positive change in the electricity system as a whole; supporting a greater use of renewables, cutting our reliance of fossil fuelled power stations and creating a smarter, more sustainable energy system for the UK.”

This latest initiative is a proud addition to the University’s existing efforts to reduce carbon emissions such as the energy-efficient fleet of BROOKESbuses, electric car charging points located across campus and a range of sustainable features of the landmark John Henry Brookes Building including rooftop solar panels and a combined heat and power plant. 

Brookes, in collaboration with Oxford City Council and the University of Oxford, is also a finalist in the Community category of the 2016 Green Gown Awards, recognising the partnership work for Low Carbon Oxford Week earlier this year; winners will be announced on 10 November.