Students invited to get on board the BrookesBus to learn about student finance

Wednesday, 02 November 2011

Oxford Brookes will be supporting National Student Finance Day (Monday 14 November 2011) this month to raise awareness of changes to university fees from 2012.

Oxford Brookes will be supporting National Student Finance Day (Monday 14 November 2011) this month to raise awareness of changes to university fees from 2012.  

In the week before National Student Finance Day, university staff will be boarding a BrookesBus and travelling to local schools and colleges with information on financing a degree and the support available to students. Staff will also be joined by current Brookes students who will be on hand to chat to those visiting the bus.

On Monday 7 November the BrookesBus will be visiting:
• Bartholomew School, Eynsham 
• Marlborough School, Woodstock 
• Oxford Academy, Littlemore

Oxford Brookes’ Open Day on Saturday 12 November will also provide visitors with the opportunity to gain further information via dedicated finance talks and through speaking with staff on the day.

On Student Finance Day itself, Oxford Brookes will be hosting an interactive online session to answer questions about financing studies from 2012. There will be live webinars from 6.30pm on Monday 14 November 2011 aimed at students from within the UK. For anyone with questions specific to their personal circumstances and who would rather talk directly to a member of Brookes’ finance team, live chat will also be available between 6pm and 9pm.

Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, said: “We recognise that many students and parents will have questions relating to the changes to fees for those attending university from 2012. Student Finance Day is an excellent opportunity for us to continue our engagement with local schools and colleges and help to ensure students and parents understand that if you want to go to university you can.

“Oxford Brookes has for a long time prided itself on its commitment to making higher education available to people based on ability rather than finance. This is a chance to let people know what financial help is available and how they can take advantage of it.”

Penny Woods, Head of Sixth Form at the Marlborough School said: “The changes in student finance have been immense and have created much anxiety among potential students and their parents. The Marlborough School jumped at the opportunity to have the Oxford BrookesBus come to school to promote Student Finance Day. This is a fun and eye-catching way to help students begin to research the financial opportunities and issues that going to university will present.”

Through these events, students and parents will gain a better understanding of the fact that you do not pay for tuition upfront, repayments do not start until you earn over £21,000 and grants, bursaries and community scholarships are available to eligible students studying at Brookes. This financial support package will enable Brookes to continue investing in the best university experience for our students, improve access to higher education for those from less advantaged backgrounds, and further enhance the distinctiveness of an Oxford Brookes degree.

More information on Oxford Brookes' finance arrangements and the support available to students is available on the Brookes website.