How can industry improve on supply chain management, efficiencies and faster adoption of technological innovations?

Friday, 10 March 2017

Supply Chain Management

World-leading research which builds on existing Supply Chain Management (SCM) and logistical expertise is taking place at Oxford Brookes.

Dr Christos Vidalakis, a Senior Lecturer in Construction Management, is one of the recipients of the University’s Research Excellence Awards. The Awards were launched last year as part of Oxford Brookes’ commitment to supporting research-active academics and in meeting the aims of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2016-2020.

Dr Vidalakis has a wealth of experience in supporting, coordinating and delivering knowledge exchange activity. His research aims to help industry in achieving better supply chain integration, improved process efficiency and faster adoption of technological innovations.

Dr Vidalakis’ work will facilitate strong engagement with industry to ensure sustainability and maximise impact.

He has previously served as principal investigator on the European Regional Development Fund’s FutureFit project aimed at improving processes and changing the behaviour of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in relation to the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

He is now exploring the intersection of previous projects focused on BIM and Sustainable Facilities Management. This involves looking at Asset Information Modelling (AIM) and Whole Life SCM.

AIMs capture built facilities data to facilitate portfolio management, capital investment decisions and organisational objectives. Their initial input parameters are essentially the outcome of BIM processes. While BIM has undoubtedly attracted much attention over the last decade, AIM is still in its infancy. However, as the level of maturity in BIM research continues to increase the era of AIM research is becoming clearer.

The interest in AIM is anticipated to grow significantly in the near future. This is based on increasing client demand for reducing energy use, maintenance and operational costs, rapid expansion of the facilities management market, fast paced developments in the area of BIM, and continuous government support demonstrated by policy to be mandated alongside this.

Research Excellence Awards 2016The funding is allowing Dr Vidalakis to allocate greater time to this research, as well providing further opportunities for insight into best practice, encouraging further collaboration with external partners and supporting dissemination and the impact of findings.

Dr Vidalakis’ work will facilitate strong engagement with industry to ensure sustainability and maximise impact. The Research Excellence Award will therefore help to allow for the delivery of world-leading research outcomes and for the University to be at the forefront of AIM and Whole Life SCM.

Further information on Dr Christos Vidalakis is available on his profile webpage.

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