UK-Japan study to explore housing and social care

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Japan UK project collaboration on housing

Oxford Brookes University academics from the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment (TDE) and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) have combined forces to successfully bid for a research grant to study housing and social care in the UK and Japan.

Dr Youngha Cho and Prof Ramin Keivani from TDE and Dr. Mel Nowicki from HSS, successfully submitted a proposal for an ESRC-AHRC UK-Japan SSH Connections grant. 

This network project aims to establish a long-term research collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and four leading Japanese academics and public institutions in Tokyo and Osaka.

The network will start with four institutions: University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Osaka City University, and the Public Corporation for Housing Improvement and Development in Tokyo. 

One of the aims is to enable knowledge exchange and co-learning on “the interrelationship of housing, social care and health for the elderly, and of affordable housing delivery for the young in the UK and Japan.”

On receiving news of the award, Dr Youngha Cho said: “I was absolutely delighted to hear the success of this application. As a nation, we have faced the hardest challenges in housing and welfare policies. Affordability is particularly problematic for first time buyers and younger households. 

“Social and health care have become increasingly important areas of research for the aging population. Given the similar challenges and policy interest in Japan and the UK, I believe that this award enables us to learn from each other’s experiences in policy and practice. I hope that this grant will open the door to bigger and more interesting research collaborations with academics from other countries.”

“I would like to express my special thanks to Professor Ramin Keivani and Dr Mel Nowicki, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, who I teamed up with. This is evidence of good teamwork.”

Associate Professor Yasushi Sukenari from the University of Tokyo added: "Although the UK and Japan have different approaches in housing and welfare policy, we share common problems in housing and social care. I hope the collaboration could lead to fruitful outcomes in developing theoretical and practical perspectives for both countries."