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  • Staff Governors

    All Universities have a governing body. Oxford Brookes University's Board of Governors currently has 14 members and this includes two Staff Governors – one teaching and one non-teaching. The Board is responsible for setting the educational character and mission of the University.

    Governors must be committed to the success of the University, and have the skills and experience to enable them to contribute effectively to the work of the Board.  The role of Governor is unpaid, although the University will pay reasonable travel and other expenses.

    The University enables staff to take on the role of Staff Governor by providing the same support as for other Voluntary Public Bodies.

  • Once on the Board, Staff Governors have the same role and responsibilities as all other Governors.  The University’s Board of Governors is the key decision making body for the institution and is made up almost exclusively of individuals who do not have executive responsibility for the running of the University, the exception being the Vice Chancellor who is also a Governor.

    As a Governor you will work as part of the Board in a collegiate and positive way, providing a critical sounding Board for the University’s Executive.  Responsibilities of the Board include determining the character and strategy of the University as well as appointing the Vice Chancellor and agreeing University targets and monitoring achievements against them. 

    More specifically, Governors:

    • Are responsible for ensuring University risks, including reputational risks, are managed effectively;
    • Set and monitor the achievement of targets by the University;
    • Monitor the effectiveness of University policies
    • Make sure the University fulfills its wider responsibilities for equality and diversity
    • Consider and approve major investments;
    • Ensure the sustainability of the University. 

    Governing bodies work best if they include people from a wide range of backgrounds.  At Brookes we believe the Governing Body should reflect the diversity of our University community.  Equality and diversity are fundamental to the University’s values and we would welcome applications from under-represented groups. 

    There are non Teaching Staff Governors and Teaching Staff Governors.  Any permanent member of staff who is on an Academic Staff contract can apply to be a Teaching Staff Governor. 

    Staff Governors are not 'representatives' of any group or sub group and cannot be mandated by others to vote in any particular way.  They have the same requirements as for all other members. 

    Recent Staff Governors have had varied backgrounds including former students and those who have worked in other sectors.  What they have in common is a desire to support, challenge and improve the work of Oxford Brookes University.

    No formal qualifications are required.  You will need time, enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in the workings of the University and Higher Education.  There is an induction interview where any information and training needs will be identified and a strategy to provide the required support developed.

    There is some online support providing key information for Governors.

    The term is fixed for four years.  The full governing body have five regular meetings each year, and a Strategy Day.  In addition, members may also join one of the Board Committees, currently: 

    • Audit
    • Finance and Resources
    • Nominations
    • Remuneration

    The formal commitment for most Board members amounts to around ten formal meetings a year, plus the Strategy Day, and preparation time.  Board members are encouraged to take part in other University activities, including our annual Senior Management Conference, and our public lecture programme, bringing the total commitment to about 15 days a year.  The University will ensure that appropriate time is allowed by line mangers so that staff can undertake these responsibilities.

    There are currently no vacancies
    There are currently no vacancies
    By a selection committee including members of the Board of Governors, the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Human Resources.
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