• Energy and carbon

    Brookes and energy

    Our yearly energy bill is now around £3 million per year, that's over £8K per day! This cash would be far better used on improving our campus and equipment, so it's important we reduce energy. In fact, saving energy is the most cost effective way to reduce our carbon footprint as well.

    All of our sites are part of our Building Management System, meaning we can track how much energy they're using. New smart meters are going to help us improve our data collection.

    What can I do?

    Despite our best efforts on improving our buildings, we can't do it all on our own. We need everyone to help us. Adopting some of these behaviours will stop you wasting money and energy at home too.

    Cutting carbon emissions

    We are committed to cutting our 2005 carbon levels by 28% by 2020 and 34% by 2025.

    Brookes has received official recognition from the Carbon Trust for its continuing work to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which are the main cause of global warming. Oxford Brookes year-on-year CO2 emissions are predicted to have fallen by nearly 5% (despite increasing our total building are by nearly 20%) as a result of actions taken to date as part of our carbon and energy reduction strategy.

    Low Carbon Oxford

    Low Carbon Oxford is a community of over 40 groups that are tackling the issues around sustainable energy and water. Their website provides a wealth of information on carbon cutting strategies and projects, including case studies. Click here to read a Brookes case study.