Travelling from London

  • By coach

    There are two inter-city direct motorway coach services from London, both running as often as every 10-15 minutes most of the day, every 20-30 minutes late evenings and hourly right through the night. Travel time 70-110 minutes depending on traffic. Pay the driver - you don't have to book ahead.

    Both drop you off right outside Oxford Brookes Headington Campus as well as in Oxford city centre. For more information on either service please visit:

    By train

    Trains for Oxford depart from Paddington Station, and are run by First Great Western Link. During the daytime the trains depart from Paddington approximately every 15 minutes, and depart approximately every 30 minutes during the late evening. The journey time is about one hour.

    For more information about train travel to and from Oxford Station see trains for Oxford.

    Travel by taxi

    Taxis to Oxford from the airports and London are very expensive. We advise you to travel by coach or train. If you decide to use a taxi, book in advance, so that the taxi will be at the airport to meet you. The cost of fares will be different depending on which airport you are arriving at, but they should be between £60 and £110 per taxi. Check prices from the contacts listed on the right before making your booking.


    Coaches from the airport and London stop near Oxford Brookes Headington campus (PDF) on Headington Road. You will have to walk about 300 metres from the stop to Oxford Brookes' main entrance, which is on Gipsy Lane. If you have lots of luggage with you and need a taxi to your accommodation, stay on the coach until the last stop, which is Gloucester Green coach station in the centre of Oxford. It is much easier to find a taxi from there.

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