Coronavirus alert level

Return to face-to-face teaching: update on 28 January 2021

Yesterday, the Government announced that schools and colleges in England will not return to full face-to-face education until 8 March at the earliest.

The Government has since confirmed that this also applies to higher education, and therefore all university students should continue their studies remotely until 8 March at the earliest. Only those students on courses previously permitted to return to campus will continue with face-to-face teaching for now.

We will provide further information about what this means for Oxford Brookes students and their studies as soon as we can - no further information has been shared by the Government at present. Once we receive confirmation from the Government that face-to-face teaching on campus can restart for more students, we will give students at least one week’s notice while the University updates student timetables and Google Calendars. In the meantime, students should remain where they are and continue to engage with their online learning as planned.

Colleagues across the University are working hard to support students throughout the semester. We encourage students to reach out if they need help through Wellbeing and the other University student support services. If you have any questions please email 

Update 5 January: updated 28 January 2021

On 4 January the Prime Minister announced that England would enter a national lockdown from 5 January to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

In line with Government guidance, the semester will start on 25 January with online teaching for the majority of students. On 27 January, the Government confirmed that face-to-face teaching for most courses will not now commence until 8 March at the earliest. However, there are a number of previously announced exceptions to this and these specific courses will commence face-to-face learning as planned. Programme Teams will be in touch with students on these courses to confirm arrangements. Students on these courses should book and take two rapid Covid-19 tests, three days apart, upon arrival or self-isolate for ten days before commencing face-to-face study.

The Government has advised that all other students should remain where they are and start the semester online, studying from your current residence, where possible.