Return to campus

Return to campus risk assessment for staff

There is a huge amount of work underway to help keep colleagues, students and essential visitors safe on their return to campus. This encompasses many different areas - from risk assessments and enhanced cleaning, to social distancing measures and modifications to reduce campus footfall.

We have published a Five Steps process to working safely at Oxford Brookes. This aligns with Government guidance on reopening workplaces and will be implemented from Semester 1. It is important that all colleagues are familiar with the Five Steps document and FAQs below.

To ensure that we can provide a safe environment for staff, we are asking all colleagues who are returning to campus (or other work location) to undertake an individual health risk assessment.

This risk assessment process will be in two stages: a self-assessment stage, and a further Occupational Health assessment stage. You will only go through to the second stage if your answers to the first stage suggest that you MAY be a higher risk.

This individual health risk assessment form is based on the ALAMA ‘COVID-age’ tool. This is the recognised tool for Occupational Health practitioners which assesses an individual’s vulnerability to COVID-19. It is based on published evidence for the main risk factors, including age, sex, ethnicity and various health conditions.