Halls of residence remain open and have safety protection methods in place at reception desks to protect students and staff, in accordance with current guidelines.

  • Staff are in teams to limit contact and wear PPE when entering student accommodation.
  • Social distancing reminders are in place.
  • There will be increased cleaning regimes for high-risk areas such as door handles.

Covid-19 second wave commitment policy

We understand that students have extra factors to consider this year when deciding whether to commit to a contract in a University house or hall of residence. With this in mind we have produced a Covid-19 second wave commitment policy. Please refer to this document for information on what to expect in the event of a new Covid-19 lockdown. It is not an exhaustive policy, as there are some factors which we cannot know in advance, such as the duration of any lockdown or the dates from which the policy would come into effect. However, it should help you understand your options should another lockdown occur. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us. Please note that the policy refers specifically to University-managed halls and houses. If you have been offered or have accepted a place in a partnership hall with Unite Students, A2Dominion or Host Students, please contact the partnership company for advice.

Oxford City Council guidance on self-isolation and homes of multiple occupation

Oxford City Council has written to all residents in houses of multiple occupation (HMOs or shared houses) with advice on how to stop the spread of coronavirus. The Council website also has details of the local support available for those who are self-isolating.

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Quick reference

  • Halls of residence will be open, but we will have safety protection methods in place at reception desks to protect students and staff, in accordance with current guidelines.
  • Staff will be in teams to limit contact and will wear PPE when entering student accommodation.
  • Social distancing reminders will be in place.
  • Some facilities may not be available in order to meet current Public Health England guidance.
  • There will be increased cleaning regimes for high-risk areas such as door handles.

Moving into your accommodation

Safe and secure environment

The accommodation team has been working on these measures since we entered lockdown in March. As you would expect the rules and measures are comprehensive, involving deep cleans, additional cleaning, and continually managing the flow of people to enable social distancing. To maintain a safe environment we will also rely on everyone following the rules and advice you are given in halls.

Quarantine service

For all those who are travelling from countries with a UK Government mandated quarantine period on arrival, we will provide appropriate quarantine accommodation. This service will be provided free of charge to those who have booked University accommodation for this academic year. For those who are going into private accommodation the service is available but there will be a charge. After quarantine you will move on to your chosen accommodation. These rooms will be kept solely for quarantine in the first few weeks and will only be provided should this sanction still be in place at this time. 

On your arrival we will provide a welcome pack of supplies and then show you how to get any further food and personal supplies that you need. The service will commence from 24 August ie. two weeks prior to semester start date. We will extend this service until the end of October to accommodate further travellers depending on Government rules on international arrivals. This service will also be available for those joining in January 2021.

To book this service please contact with your expected arrival date. Rooms are subject to availability.  

Which Hall and which room is mine?

We will allocate you to a hall of residence from early July onwards (on your predetermined allocation day). This means you will know where you are living in Oxford. The final bedroom allocation will be at the end of August. You will know your room allocation at least two weeks before you arrive. Because we are giving more flexibility to change your mind this year, rooms will be allocated only once we are certain how many students are wanting University accommodation and how we might need to manage those groups.

Returning students have selected their own rooms.

Changed your mind?

Under the circumstances we recognise the need for greater flexibility for you to change your mind. If you change your mind and email to cancel your offer before 21 August, there will be no penalty if you decide after all not to choose University-managed accommodation. This applies to both new and returning students who have already decided on and committed to their accommodation contract.

Warden service

Oxford Brookes runs a valued warden service to give support to students in accommodation. These are current students who know what it’s like to arrive, live in halls and everything needed to make student life a positive experience. We know this will be different this year but living in halls you’ll be with fellow students, in the right environment for your studies and with support from those around you.

Arrivals to Halls of Residence

We will need to manage the timing of arrivals this year. The only way to ensure safe social distancing is by spreading arrivals across a period of time. We will provide this information nearer the time and you will be able to book a convenient time slot. Your assistance with this will be much appreciated.