Do I have Covid-19?

Covid-19 symptoms and what to do next

Check if the symptoms you’re experiencing might be coronavirus.

If you have coronavirus symptoms find out how to self-isolate and how to book a test.

If you are self-isolating, please inform the University immediately - this will allow us to contact you and check whether you have any support needs that we can help with. Also remember to update your Covid Learning Status on Student Information so that your timetable can be updated temporarily. 

Covid-19 tests

  • If you develop symptoms of Covid-19, you should apply for a test via the NHS website.
  • Only apply for a test if you are showing symptoms; do not apply for a test if a housemate has received a positive result but you are not displaying symptoms. Use the NHS website to check your symptoms and you must continue to self-isolate.
  • If you are applying for a test, please use your university term-time address for testing purposes and not the family home address (if this is different from your term-time address).
  • Please check and follow the guidance for how to self-isolate if you or a housemate develops coronavirus symptoms.
  • All interaction with NHS Test and Trace is completely confidential. The service is there to identify the contacts of anyone who has received a positive test so they can self-isolate and protect others and not to identify any perceived rule-breaking. 

Register with a GP

It is important that you register with a local GP while you are at university, especially in the current situation. Details of the Headington medical centre and other health services are on the Oxford Brookes website.