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Assessment adjustment - Semester 1 2020/21 - CLOSED

Assessment adjustment - Semester 2 2020/21 - CLOSED

For Semester 2 assessments, the University will continue to keep the situation under review and will communicate further about any potential adjustment process as the situation develops. Nonetheless, the University does assure all of our students that we will take a proportionate and supportive response and commits to ensure that all of the mitigating actions that we have put in place have given appropriate opportunities for students to succeed.

For academic year 2020/21 only - UG students who started their programme BEFORE 1 September 2020

For academic year 2020/21 only - UG students who started their programme on or AFTER 1 September 2020

This information is only for students who started an undergraduate course in September 2020 because it affects the rules about their academic progression from one year to the next.

A new degree structure (academic framework) launched at Oxford Brookes in September 2020. This means that students who began their course at Level 4 in September 2020 are not able to carry over, or ‘trail’, failed modules (that is, modules that are marked as failed after a resit attempt) from their first year (Level 4) into their second year (Level 5). However, for this year only because of the disruption to the start of the academic year, we are allowing students who started Level 4 in September 2020 to trail up to two module credits into their next academic year.

Assessment Adjustment Process 2019/20 - NOW CLOSED

Please note: The Assessment Adjustment Process for Semesters 1 and 2 (2019/20) has now ended, including the Appeals process, and all adjustments have been made. 

Information on Assessment Adjustment - Semester 2 2020/21, is available higher up this webpage. 

Please note: Oxford Brookes students studying at one of our partner institutions may have different arrangements and should refer to guidance issued by their teaching provider. The same principles of ensuring that students are not disadvantaged by the current situation will apply, but the arrangements may vary depending on the partner institution and the course.