Reporting and staying at home (self-isolation)

This page provides information for students about Covid-19, reporting and staying at home (self-isolation) arrangements at Oxford Brookes. 

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms

Stay at home, get tested and report it

Stay at home

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home. Do not come to campus if you have symptoms. 

Report it

Please use the University's Covid-19 Reporting form if you have received a positive test for Covid-19, or if you have Covid-19 symptoms.

Please help protect each other. Let the people you live with know if you have Covid-19 symptoms, and if you receive a positive test.

International students

Please follow the government guidelines for people with Covid-19 and their contacts.

If you would like to book a Covid-19 vaccination, we recommend that you register with a doctor at a General Practitioner (GP) surgery and seek advice from them about vaccinations. Find out how to register with a GP surgery on the NHS website.

More information on Covid-19 vaccination for international students is available in this document from NHS England.

Support for students who are staying at home due to a positive Covid-19 test

Support from the University is available for students with a positive Covid-19 test result (rapid test or NHS test).

We know that you may have concerns about what a period of staying at home, following a positive test result, means for you and your household. We want to reassure you that you are not alone and that we have a number of support options available to you. 

Help with money

If you’re worried about how you might cope financially with staying at home whilst you have Covid-19, perhaps because you can’t go to work during this time, or you’re currently experiencing financial hardship and are worried about affording food etc, please contact the Financial Aid team who are able to help you make an emergency hardship application. 

If you’re in University accommodation

You should report your status via the Coronavirus reporting form first. This allows the Accommodation team to ensure only emergency visits are carried out to your household whilst you are infectious and staying at home, to reduce the risk of transmission. 

After staying at home with Covid-19 - return to campus

If you were staying at home after a positive lateral flow or PCR test:

  • If you have tested positive with Covid-19, you will have developed some immunity to the virus. This means this could affect any future tests and provide a false positive result within 90 days of a positive test.
  • However, you may choose to take two Covid-19 tests after five full days. If the tests are positive, or if you have a high temperature or feel unwell, try to follow this advice until you feel well enough to resume normal activities and you no longer have a high temperature if you had one.
  • Although many people will no longer be infectious to others after five days, some people may be infectious to other people for up to 10 days from the start of their infection. You should avoid meeting people at higher risk of becoming seriously unwell from Covid-19, especially those whose immune system means that they are at higher risk of serious illness from Covid-19, despite vaccination, for 10 days after the day you took your test.

Staying at home FAQs