• It is now the law that you must wear a face covering for the full journey on public transport (bus, coach, train, taxi etc), except where there is a valid medical reason. If you do not wear a face covering in these settings you will be breaking the law and could be fined.

  • The University has a policy on wearing face coverings. Students should read this policy before returning to campus.
  • Those with exemptions from wearing a face covering will be asked to wear a free-of-charge sunflower lanyard, which are available to order from the online shop.
  • The University will be monitoring the service provision for the BROOKESbus on an ongoing basis ensuring it aligns with government advice for public transport, in light of reduced capacity due to social distancing and the mandatory requirement to wear a face covering for the whole journey.
  • Students are encouraged to regularly review the BROOKESbus webpages and Oxford Bus Company Twitter for information on service frequencies. You are also able to track when the bus is due to arrive and its capacity by visiting Oxford Bus Company’s When2Travel webpages.
  • Try to avoid car sharing with people outside your household. Walk or cycle when it’s possible and safe to do so. If you do need to share a car with someone outside your household, please wear a face covering and follow this advice that will help to minimise the risk to you and others.
  • If possible, we recommend walking and cycling. To help facilitate this, the University provides a Bike Dr service. You will have access to free labour and discounted bicycles.