Keeping each other safe

We all have a part to play - information for students, staff & visitors

While many of us are pleased that society is opening back up again, others in our community may be approaching things more cautiously.

Please be mindful and respectful of those around you who may be feeling anxious about a return to pre-pandemic behaviours, particularly those with health conditions or supporting other vulnerable individuals.

Around 10% of the student and staff community at Oxford Brookes are at a greater health risk in regards to Covid-19.

While government restrictions have been lifted, we are still living with Covid. Scientific research shows us that a few simple measures, that we can all take, can make a difference.

We strongly encourage anyone who feels unwell, for any reason, to stay at home and not come to campus. By doing this, you will avoid spreading infections of all kinds - not only Covid-19 but colds, flu, and other infections that can be common in student populations such as mumps and measles.

A group of students walk through the Central Courtyard

Measures in place on campus to reduce the spread of infection

Face coverings

The Government recommends that we continue to wear face coverings in enclosed or crowded spaces.

We know that some people would like to stop wearing face coverings as soon as possible. We want to protect face-to-face teaching and access to campus facilities as well as the health of our staff and students. One of the best ways to do this is to continue wearing face coverings. This is why we recommend and strongly encourage you to wear face coverings while indoors on campus.


By the end of Semester 2 (2021/22) we will have assessed our spaces / rooms for ventilation and installed over 140 CO2 monitors in teaching and office spaces across campus. These allow us to ensure a good airflow in high-occupancy rooms, while maintaining a balance with heating and comfort levels.


We strongly encourage everyone who can to take up the offer of Covid-19 vaccinations. You can book online via the NHS website.

Doctors (GPs) also offer vaccinations for other common infections such as meningitis, mumps and measles.


We provide hand sanitisers and wipes for use across campus. Enhanced cleaning of high-traffic areas and touchpoints such as door handles continues.

Risk assessments

The University has an ongoing legal responsibility until 1 April 2022 to specifically consider Covid-19 in its risk assessments.

From 1 April 2022 the risk of Covid-19 will be treated the same as any other significant respiratory infection and occupational disease. 

Keeping each other safe at Open Days/Applicant Days

Our Applicant and Open Days follow the latest advice from the UK Government. We ask that all staff, students, and visitors read the following guidelines while visiting our campuses.

  • Please make use of our hand sanitising stations which will be available around campus and wash your hands regularly
  • Take care to keep each other safe in crowded spaces
  • Consider the needs of those around you and be respectful towards them at all times
  • Please stay at home if you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, or have had a positive test result