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What a year! The Interior Architecture Newsletter

Monday, 09 July 2018

Interior Architecture

Another fruitful academic year has produced innovative design proposals and important social outcomes. We will be expanding many of the students’ projects with further research activities, as we have done in the last years.

External Collaborations

This year we have conducted two inspiring live projects with external partners: Crisis Skylight Oxford, a leading charity in the UK for social affordance, and the Maggie’s Centres, which are the provider for cancer caring centres known for their unique programme and exceptional architectural quality. Both project have enabled students from year 2 and 3 to experience a design process with ‘real’ client and sites, dealing with complex, yet exciting briefs. One student concluded her experience:“Before doing this project I didn’t know much about homeless people at all. Throughout the design investigation process I have learnt that homelessness can be both physical and psychological. I have developed more awareness of vulnerable people, and understood their struggles better. My design features would help them in their situation.”

The year 2 homeless brief concluded with a public exhibition at Crisis Skylight Oxford, where the students discussed the social ramifications of their designs with Crisis’s representatives, city councillors, homeless people, and the public at large. Following the successful exhibition, the students were also invited to present their work in another exhibition in July 2018 as part of Makespace activities for affordable, community-led working space in the heart of Oxford.

Homelessness exhibition

The third years’ designs for Maggie’s Centres were commendable for the successful design definition and representation of experiential therapeutic spaces, conveying patients’ needs when they are in care centres. This cancer support project has been running now for a couple of years, and there are two public exhibition planned for next year. In the meantime, here is a pick of some of theimpressive models and drawings that thestudents have been developing.

As more projects will develop and progress, some of our graduates will be coming back to continue participate in research activities.

Interior Architecture Alumni Network

The Alumni is one of the programme’s greatest strength; it is the human capital we have invested in whilst they were studying here at Brookes. Most of them are now enjoying successful professional careers, and they are happy to return and share knowledge and experience from the world of practice. This June we held our third Alumni Day, where alumni presented their work and had a chance to review our recent graduates, some of whom have been invited for interviews!

As our alumni Matt Dolnicar pointed out: “As an Alumnus I want to contribute more towards passing my professional knowledge to future generations of graduates. Getting involved in the mentoring and teaching activities motivates me to continue engaging with impressive design experimentation.”