School of Architecture

  • Low Carbon Building (LCB) Research Group

    The LCB has an international profile in the field of carbon counting, building performance monitoring, post-occupancy evaluation, low-carbon retrofitting and climate change adaptation of buildings and neighbourhoods. The group also has world-leading expertise in the study of thermal comfort, in particular the adaptive approach based on field surveys. Publications from the group in low-carbon buildings and sustainable design are recognised international references. Other related areas of expertise include urban energy modelling using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), low carbon communities and design of low-energy buildings in diverse climates.

  • Research themes

    Carbon Mapping

    Carbon mapping is a novel localised Geographical Information System based approach to plan mass energy retrofits and provide targeted low carbon measures across cities. It uses the RIBA award-winning DECoRuM model.

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    Low Carbon Refurbishment

    Design, guidance, energy modelling and post construction evaluation for low-carbon building design and retrofits, particularly using passive, bioclimatic methods combined with low and zero carbon technologies.

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    Building Performance Evaluation

    Evaluating the building performance and occupant comfort in non-domestic and domestic buildings, both new-build and refurbishments, across a variety of life cycle stages.

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  • Other research themes