School of Architecture

  • Low Carbon Refurbishment

    Design, guidance, energy modelling and post construction evaluation for low-carbon building design and retrofits, particularly using passive, bioclimatic methods combined with low and zero carbon technologies.

  • Retrofit for the Future Nelson Street, Oxford

    Retrofit for the Future Nelson Street, Oxford

    Improvement to 19th century end terrace house

    This retrofit project in Oxford targeted reductions in energy consumption of 85% by using an optimum mix of energy demand-reduction measures and well-proven zero-carbon technologies.

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    Retrofit for the Future Warwall Street London

    Retrofit for the Future Warwall Street, London

    Improvement to typical 1990s mid terrace house

    Transformational changes have been made to the house to bring about highly efficient energy use, and improve the quality of living for residents.

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     DECORUM® Carbon Mapping for Oxford

    Retrofit for the Future Whitehaven, Cumbria

    Improvement to 1930s Semi-Detached Properties

    This retrofit project follows a ‘low-energy first then low-carbon’ approach by encouraging energy demand-reduction measures first, and then deploying a nominal level of well-proven zero-carbon technologies that can be easily integrated into the urban fabric.

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