School of Architecture

  • Disability and Early Years Education Facilities

    Research Coordinator: Dr Andrea Placidi, Matt Clay and Orit Sarfatti

    Architecture for children must consider how to support and respond effectively to rapid changes in moods and energy levels that occur as daily activities progress.Social inclusivity, diversity, and empowering strategies are expressed by controlling spatial qualities, light/sound distribution, materiality and atmospheric effects. In the case of disabled children, the design parameters are reviewed in consultation with experts and social workers for the various disabilities.

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    • Rehabilitation of the Kosta Popov School for Children with Learning Disabilities, 1997 Tuzla (Bosnia Herzegovina)
    • Grandpont Nursery School Oxford 2008 / Children Center extension
    • Bognor Regis Nursery School / Early Years extension (2011) and Interior renovation (2015 - furnitecture)
    • Hastie, R. (1997), ‘Disabled Children in a Society at War: a casebook from Bosnia’, Oxfam GB Development Casebooks
    • Placidi, A. (in preparation) ‘The role of emotional perception in the design of educational facilities’