School of Architecture

  • Cancer Support: Maggie’s Centres

    Research Coordinators: Dr Andrea Placidi (Oxford Brookes University, Architecture) and Prof David Uzzell (University of Surrey, Environmental Psychology)

    The Maggie’s Centres have achieved remarkable results in providing support and information for cancer patients with ad-hoc built ‘homely’ architectures. In the centres the social environment creates a positive effect due to the careful modulation of the surrounding landscapes, architectural settings, internal articulation, and psychological interaction. The aim of the research is to investigate the design process and the programme of the Maggie’s Centres, and to assess the role of architecture in enabling the therapeutic environment.

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    • Placidi, A. & Uzzell, D. (in preparation) ‘Maggie’s Centres: the implementation of therapeutic environments for cancer patients’
    • Placidi, A. & Ricchi, D. (in preparation) ‘Atmospheric qualities and therapeutic environment: Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres’, JAE (Journal of Architectural Education) 73:1 ‘Atmospheres’
    • Frisone, C. (in preparation) PhD thesis: ‘The role of architecture in therapeutic environments: the case of Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres’ (supervisors: Prof Cathrine Brun and Dr Andrea Placidi)