School of Architecture


    'Unfinished Buildings' is a research project being undertaken in the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. Begun in 2014, it is led by Dr Igea Troiani and Andrew Dawson,founding directors of Original Field of Architecture in Oxford. It is practice-based design research that began through their final year MArchD (Part II) postgraduate design studio (DS1). It has evolved into an international network of ex-graduate architect students and external researchers working across the disciplines of architecture, urban design and planning, history, sociology/ social geography, arts practice/social sculpture and healthcare with NGOs and local communities. The research builds upon the work of Jane Jacobs, David Harvey, Michel Foucault and Wendy Brown- scholars who are all critical of the way in which social and cultural capital are comprised by the economic imperatives of neoliberalism.

    The aim of the research on 'Unfinished buildings' is to:

    1. Locate, photograph and film unfinished buildings worldwide as part of a collaborative research project;
    2. Research through architectural design, the potential for reuse of unfinished concrete frame buildings for social and cultural betterment involving local community groups and unemployed construction workers living in that city;
    3. Consider alternative modes of architectural design practice for impermanent/ short-term rather than always permanent/long term solutions with reuse as a primary strategy;
    4. Redefine architectural practice to challenge the current model of prescribed architectural labour and production to include unconventional modes of rapid design intervention and;
    5. Question the model of neoliberal architectural practice that perpetuates a boom-bust construction cycle that creates the by-products of unfinished concrete building carcasses and use those buildings to create a more sustainable, on-going more steady building industry.