• Online room booking system (CMISGo)

    The University uses an online portal to enable staff to check availability, book rooms and University space, and cancel bookings in a convenient way.

    You can log into the system with just your P number and password. Please select from the boxes below in order to make a one-off room-booking.

    Important information about CMIS and CMISGo

    Both CMIS and CMISGo will be down between 16 and 18 April 2018 while the software is upgraded. During this time, Room Bookings will not be able to book any rooms and colleagues will not be able to book rooms nor view their bookings on CMISGo. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

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    The CMISGo portal enables you to:

    • find an available room and book it
    • check whether a room is available
    • see your own booking history and cancel your bookings
    • see bookings made by others
    • view images of what each room is like

    For further information about CMISGo, see the user guides below.

    How to use CMISGo

    The following user guides provide step-by-step guidance about the CMISGo software and processes. Please note, the guides can only be viewed by members of Brookes.