• Online room booking system (CMISGo)

    The University uses an online portal to enable staff to check availability, book rooms and University space, and cancel bookings in a convenient way.

    You can log into the system with just your P number and password. Please select from the boxes below in order to make a one-off room-booking.

    Please note that CMISGo is for the booking of pooled and dedicated meeting rooms only. If you would like to book a larger pooled or dedicated space, please get in touch with the relevant timetabling staff.

    To book dedicated HLS space - hls-rooms@brookes.ac.uk

    To book dedicated HSS space - emcguckin@brookes.ac.uk

    To book dedicated TDE space - fsyed@brookes.ac.uk

    To book dedicated Business space - business-timetabling@brookes.ac.uk

    To book pooled university space - roombookings@brookes.ac.ukor (modular) timetabling@brookes.ac.uk

    If you do not have permission to book a room and believe you should, please contact roombookings@brookes.ac.uk. You DO NOT need to request access to CMISGo via ServiceNow. 

    Important information about CMISGo

    You can now use CMISGo to book meeting rooms for Academic Year 2019/2020. To do so, please click on the relevant box below. If the room that you try to book cannot be found on CMISGo, please contact our team at roombookings@brookes.ac.uk. 

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    The CMISGo portal enables you to:

    • find an available room and book it
    • check whether a room is available
    • see your own booking history and cancel your bookings
    • see bookings made by others
    • view images of what each room is like

    For further information about CMISGo, see the user guides below.

    How to use CMISGo

    The following user guides provide step-by-step guidance about the CMISGo software and processes. Please note, the guides can only be viewed by members of Brookes.