• Information for students

    Students are permitted to book pooled rooms for society events or for work related to their courses. 

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    Making a room booking

    Rooms booked for society events must be signed off by the Societies Team at Brookes Union.

    Rooms booked for work related to your course must be signed off by a lecturer. 

    Bookings for course related work should be made through the Library Study Space link above.  

    Brookes Union Societies have two options when it comes to booking space: 

    1. In the first instance students can contact Brookes Union and request to book the spaces that they have available.
    2. If Brookes Union do not have space available, or University space would be more appropriate for the nature of the booking, then students can complete the Room Booking Request Form for Students and return it to roombookings@brookes.ac.uk

    Bookings made through the University Timetabling and Room Bookings Team require a minimum of 7 days' notice; 14 if there is a visiting speaker to allow time for any necessary security checks to be made.

    In the event that a visiting speaker is attending the University, please refer to the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech including Guidance on Visiting Speakers.

    Cancel or amend a booking

    If you need to cancel or amend a booking, please select from the links above to contact the team who made your booking.