• How you can help

    Space is a valuable resource, and being able to access space when you need it is an important part of student and staff life. 

    Booking and cancelling space

    In order to ensure that space is available to staff and students, it is important that space that is booked, but no longer required, is released so that others can access it. 

    It is also helpful if bookings are made for an appropriate number of people, so that space can be maximised and larger spaces are not being occupied by a small number of users. 

    Your feedback

    The Timetabling and Room Bookings Team appreciate understanding the needs of all space users, and are interested in hearing about your timetabling and room bookings experiences, both positive and negative. 

    Please send your thoughts and comments on what we do well or how we might improve our service to timetabling@brookes.ac.uk.

    Alternatively, please fill out our survey!