• Academic Policy and Regulations

    This division encompasses the oversight of all quality assurance processes such as annual programme review, programme development and the major and minor change processes, as well as all aspects of the student-facing academic policy development which are delivered through the governance routes of Academic Board.

    The division also contains the newly formed Student Investigation and Resolution Team. They are responsible for the investigating and resolving student complaints, academic appeals and alleged breaches of the Student Conduct Regulations. In addition, they will also administer the Exceptional Circumstances Policy for students across the University.    

  • Head of Academic Policy and Quality Office: Liz Turner

    • Development and implementation of the University’s quality assurance policies and procedures (including external examiners and collaborative provision).
    • Administration of the University’s senior academic committees.
    • Oversight and development of academic regulations.

    Head of Student Investigation and Resolution Team: Hayley Card

    • Management of student complaints, appeals, conduct and exceptional circumstances.