7.3 Approval processes

  • 3.1 To a greater or lesser extent, all apprenticeships represent partnership working, even where the University is adapting an existing in-house programme, since they all involve working in partnership with employers. Many also involve working with other providers (either training or employer providers). For this reason, all proposals for Degree Apprenticeships – whatever model of delivery is to be used - must be considered by the Learning Partnerships Advisory Group. Apprenticeship proposals should be notified to LPAG on form T7.1. LPAG will then notify the Collaborative Provision Sub-Committee of all new apprenticeship proposals which have been authorised to go forward for academic approval. Note: EPA-only applications do not need to be submitted to LPAG.

    3.2 For apprenticeships involving aspects of programme delivery or assessment by another provider, the approval process described in Chapter 5 of the Quality & Standards Handbook should be followed, and form T7.1 must be submitted to LPAG with the appropriate Collaborative Provision Proposal Form (CPPF). This is usually likely to involve members of the Associate College Partnership, who will be the main providers (models A and B); and where an existing programme delivered by that ACP partner is to be used for the Degree Apprenticeship, form T7.1 is sufficient to notify LPAG of the proposed arrangements.

    3.3 Once LPAG has endorsed a proposal for a new apprenticeship, involving new or existing in-house provision, where Brookes is the main provider, the approval process described in Chapter 2 of the Quality & Standards Handbook should be followed. Guidance note G7.2 provides information for PDTs about developing Degree Apprenticeships and the information that should be submitted to the approval panel. Where existing home provision is to be adapted to the apprenticeship model, an adapted major change process should be followed, in which the approval panel will focus on the proposed delivery and assessment arrangements, to ensure that they meet the apprenticeship standard and assessment plan; and on the management of the employer relationship. The Faculty link Quality Assurance Officer will advise on the appropriate process to be followed, and how to ensure the programme documentation meets the Degree Apprenticeship requirements.