Forms and guides for collaborative provision

  • Forms

    T5.1a CPPF1 Collaborative Partnership Proposal Form (non-ACP)

    T5.1b CPPF2 Collaborative Partnership Proposal Form (ACP)

    T5.2 CPP/RF3 Collaborative Provision Proposal/Renewal Form (Credit Rating and Articulation Agreements)

    T5.3a CPRF1 Collaborative Provision Partnership Renewal Form (Non-ACP)

    T5.3b CPRF2 Collaborative Provision Partnership Renewal Form (ACP)

    T5.5a Operations Manual for non-ACP

    T5.5b Operations Manual for ACP

    T5.6 Collaborative Provision Approval Report Template

    T5.7 Collaborative Provision Periodic Review Report Template

    T5.8 Annual Placements Report

    T5.9 ACP Summary CV Template

    T5.10 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template

    T5.11 Moderation Report - Articulation Arrangements

    T5.12 Research Degree Committee Collaborative PhD Programme Approval Form

    T5.13 Risk Improvement Plan

    T5.14 Site Visit Report

    T5.15 Business Plan

    T2.9 Programme Handbook Guidance

    T3.3 Annual Programme Review Template (ACP)

    A to Z of services for ACP staff

    Guidance notes

    G5.1 Introduction to Collaborative Provision

    G5.2 Guidance on Academic Due Diligence

    G5.3a Guidance on Managing the Risks Associated with Collaborative Provision

    G5.3b Completing the CPPF

    G5.4 Guidance on Improvement Action Planning

    Checklist for Partnership Data Protection Reviews

    Liaison Manager Guide (Associate College Partnership)

    International Partnerships – a Legal Guide for UK Universities

    Liaison Manager's Role Description and Person Specification

    Business plans

    Business Plan Guidance Notes

    Memorandum of Understanding

    T5.10 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template

    MOU Protocol

    MOU Summary Document