5.3 Preparing for approval of programme delivery

  • 3.1 Permission to proceed to the approval of specific collaborative arrangements is dependent on LPAG approval of the partnership through the process described above. The following part of the process is how the University satisfies itself of the partner’s academic suitability for the delivery of specific programme/s, in order to secure the quality of the academic experience for students and ensure that appropriate quality assurance procedures are in place to protect the academic standards of the University’s awards. The detailed arrangements for the event, including agreeing on the location, convening the panel, and drawing up the agenda, should be made by the link QAO in collaboration with the PDT chair, supported by appropriate Faculty administration (who will be responsible for coordinating travel and accommodation arrangements for the panel).

  • The Project Development Team (PDT)

    If you are not a PDT Chair

    3.2 By the time LPAG approval is sought, the PDT must have been established, and a suitably experienced Liaison Manager identified. The PDT’s primary focus should be the development of the programme delivery and management arrangements, and to ensure that all documents, including the programme specification, programme handbook and the operations manual are consistent with each other and with any other material relevant to the programme. The PDT should comprise representatives from an appropriate range of internal and partner stakeholders to ensure that all aspects of the delivery and quality management of the programme have been fully considered and agreed in advance of the approval panel meeting.

    3.3 The membership and activities of the PDT described in the design and approval process for on-campus provision (see Chapter 2) apply equally to collaborative programmes, although a number of additional requirements apply to the membership and responsibilities of the PDT for a collaborative arrangement, and these are set out in guidance note G2.1

    Format and location of events

    Approval and periodic review events for collaborative provision are usually held at the partner’s premises; with opportunities for the panel to view the teaching accommodation, learning resources and facilities, and to meet with students. There are some situations where there is scope or negotiation on the location of the event, such as :

    • Multiple delivery sites
    • Flying faculty and credit rating arrangements
    • Risky political environments
    • Well established partners