4.4 Collaborative provision

  • 4.1 Refer also to chapter 5 (section 8) of the Quality & Standards Handbook for further details of the approval monitoring and review of different types of collaborative provision.

    4.2 The periodic review of collaborative provision differs from home provision in that collaborative arrangements are reviewed at a maximum interval of five years*, in line with the standard length of University contracts; and that the process generally involves the review both of partnership/delivery arrangements as set out in the Operations Manual, and of the academic programme performance. Renewal of the contract for a further five year period is dependent on the re-approval of the academic programme/s and of the delivery arrangements.

    *An extension of one year may be granted in exceptional circumstances, with the approval of LPAG and QLIC, provided that there has been a good track record during the course of the current contract, in respect of both quality assurance requirements and financial agreements. An extension should not be granted for arrangements that are closing.

    4.3 Where a programme revalidation is required, the re-design process may be incorporated with the periodic review process if timescales coincide. Where a programme delivered by a number of partner organisations requires full revalidation of the programme, but the renewal of contracts is due at different times, the Faculty responsible for managing the programme should agree, in consultation with the APQO and the partner/s involved, on an appropriate schedule for the approval and implementation of the revised provision.

    4.4 A periodic review should also be undertaken where a collaborative arrangement is to be discontinued and students will remain on the programme/s beyond the date of expiry of the current contract; in order to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect the academic standards of the provision, and the interests of the remaining students registered for the Brookes award/s, during the period leading up to final closure of the partnership.