3.2 Application for variation from the University Regulations

  • 3.2.1 The University’s expectation is that new programmes of study should be designed to fit within the University regulations, which are informed by relevant sector guidance. However, it is recognised that it may be necessary for a minority of programmes to vary from the regulations in certain respects in order to meet national expectations in the discipline or profession. Where a programme team wishes to apply for a variation from the University Regulations - either for new or existing programmes - QLIC approval must be sought prior to the application of the variation. In the case of new programmes, this approval must be secured in advance of the approval event.

    3.2.2 The application for variation from the regulations must be presented on template T2.2b, which requires programme teams to provide a clear rationale for the proposal, including reference to:

    1. the consultation process (students, employers, external examiners, etc)
    2. the potential impact on any University policies on assessment
    3. relevant professional body requirements

    The proforma must be signed off by the FAESC/QLIC (Chair) before submission to QLIC for approval.