5.4 Suspension of recruitment

  • 5.4.1 Suspension of recruitment may be the preferred option where there is reason to believe that the issues underlying the decision to suspend are temporary. However, suspension of a programme is often a first step towards closure, which may be taken to allow Schools/Departments to undertake the revalidation of the current provision or the development of new, replacement provision. 

    It is recommended that a programme should not remain in suspension for longer than two years - during which time it is subject to the normal QA processes - without a decision to re-open, replace, or close being made. 

    Please note that recruitment to ACP provision is reviewed annually.

    5.4.2 It should be noted that the option to suspend programmes primarily relates to Admissions, who may suspend a UCAS code to prevent recruitment; but eCSIS is now able to record ‘suspended’ status.

    It is vital that an appropriate process is followed - including a risk assessment of proposed actions - in order to ensure that the University is compliant with consumer legislation in respect of providing early communication about any programme changes to applicants and students. 

    When a proposal to suspend is made, a similar group to the minimum exit group (see section 5.3 and template T2.18 Programme Closure Risk Assessment Tool) should be convened in order to determine whether suspension, rather than closure, is the appropriate course of action. The group should also ensure that the T2.19 Suspension of Recruitment Form is completed.