6.1 Scope of the chapter

  • 1.1 This chapter complements chapters 2, 3,4 and 5 of the Quality & Standards Handbook, and covers the following procedures in respect of short course provision:

    • approval of new CPD/short courses [sections 3-5]
    • routine monitoring and periodic review of short courses [section 6]

    1.2 This chapter is primarily focused on credit-bearing short course provision developed and delivered by Brookes staff (either on-campus or at other locations). Additional requirements relating to the approval, monitoring and review of courses delivered, assessed and/or supported through partnership arrangements with one or more other organisations are covered in Chapter 5 of the Quality & Standards Handbook. The Faculty’s link Quality Assurance Officer should be contacted for guidance on the process to be followed.

    1.3 Note on non-credit bearing short courses: the approval of non-credit bearing short courses falls outside the scope of this chapter. However, for transparency and to ensure a good quality student experience, academic departments should follow similar processes to those set out below. It is up to the Faculty managing the provision to document the approval process (through Faculty AESC/QLICs), and the Faculty should maintain their own register of non-credit bearing provision. The Faculty should also ensure that certificates issued to students follow University guidance for a formal record of the achievement of attendance outside of a formal qualification (visit the corporate identity word templates page and click on ‘certificates’)