APQO staff development workshops

  • Chairing Validation Panels

    Date of session: 29 April 2021

    Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm

    Venue: Online

    Presenters/facilitators: Liz Turner (APQO), Dominic Corrywright (HSS), Roger Dalrymple (HSS), Jackie Potter (OCSLD)

    The panel was excellently chaired with a real sense of rigour and sensitivity to the ambitions of the programme. I was very impressed with the process and delighted to have gained the experience of being on the panel.

    You can make a hugely important contribution to the quality of teaching and learning at Oxford Brookes by taking part in approval and review panels, and it is an excellent professional development opportunity, particularly for those seeking to take up roles such as PLSE.

    This workshop will provide an overview of the Chair’s role and responsibilities before, during and after a panel event; and will explore how panels can promote good practice in programme design. The session is largely based around group discussions, in which participants will be invited to share their experiences and observations on good and bad practice in the conduct of approval and review panels, at Brookes and in other HE institutions.

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    Committee servicing and minute taking

    Date of session: TBC

    Time: TBC

    Venue: TBC

    Presenters/facilitators: Liz Turner (APQO), Suzanne Jones (APQO)

    Content: This bite-size workshop is aimed at secretaries of any type of committee at any level of the University or one it's ACP partners. The training will cover three key aspects of committee work: note taking and minute writing; record keeping; and the University's governance structure, and the role and function of committees in it. The session will cover the role of the committee secretary, with particular focus on minute-writing, and participants will also learn about the University's main decision-making bodies and what they do. The session will involve presentations and group work.

    NB: If secretaries would like support on the committee websites then they should contact Suzanne Jones directly at suzanne.jones@brookes.ac.uk

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    Introduction to QA in HE

    Date of session: TBC (2 hour session)

    Venue: TBC

    Presenters/facilitators: Ailsa Clarke and Krisztina Ford (APQO)

    Content: The session will cover:

    • What is meant by ‘quality’ and ‘standards’ in higher education
    • The separate elements of the HE QA framework: 
      • OfS regulatory requirements, QAA, the Consumer and Marketing Authority and Office of the Independent Adjudicator
    • The key elements of the Brookes quality strategy
    • How QA can help to support the University’s student experience agenda

    Of interest to: Colleagues new to or interested in quality assurance.

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