• Registry

    The Registry division of ASA provides a wide range of functions in the management and support of the University's courses and students, and delivers key services to ensure the effective management of data, the efficient delivery of student and staff-facing processes, and the application of the University's regulations and policies.

    These functions include the enrolment of students, the management of student and course data on the central student records system, the delivery of multiple data returns to various statutory bodies, the delivery of formal exams and the management of University timetabling.

  • Head of Student Records and Curriculum Management: Neil McConaghy

    • Management of all student record information (taught and research), from enrolment through to final award.
    • Management of student change in circumstance requests, eg withdrawal, suspension of study, changes to programme / award, mode of study. 
    • Management of the curriculum, working with colleagues in quality assurance roles across the University to ensure an accurate record of curricula structures and a clear audit of changes.
    • Programme support for all taught and research programmes.
    • Responsibility for the enforcing and developing of all regulations that are directly linked to the teaching and assessment of all students and the awards that our students achieve. 
    • Oversight of exam committee processes and training in this area.
    • Ensuring accurate Tier 4/Student visa compliance, CAS administration and all of the accurate record keeping that this entails.
    • Management of access control to the student records system; training and support for students and staff using the student records system.

    Head of Timetabling and Exams: Hannah O'Toole

    • Preparation, checking and production of exam papers. Publication of past papers on RADAR.
    • Management and delivery of the Examination sessions including timetables, reasonable adjustments, rooms, invigilation and exam buses.
    • Examination conduct procedures.
    • The development and enforcement of examination and timetabling policies, regulations and procedures.
    • Management of the University timetabling and room booking systems.
    • Production and rooming of the annual teaching timetables.
    • Allocation of students to teaching sets.
    • Staff and student room bookings.
    • Analysis of planned and audited space use.
    • Modelling of space use to support estate and curriculum planning.

    Head of Management Information and Data Returns: Rachel Shapton

    • Student-related statutory returns and oversight of all of the management information that this requires and produces.