• Drafts

    We will publish draft timetables for the whole of 2020/2021 to staff via the module google calendars / CMIS Go module timetables by 13 July 2020. These will detail all of the teaching events we have recorded for the module runs and the rooms they have been allocated.


    We will request that these are checked carefully by the appropriate staff.

    • You should be checking every module in every term or semester for the entire academic year.
    • You should check each week in case rooms or teaching patterns vary from week to week. 
    • Any problems, omissions or changes should be raised promptly.
    • Please notify us of changes that free rooms as well as extra room requirements as this will give us more rooms to assist academic colleagues with changes to be made.

    We want corrections by 27 July 2020 in order to process them ready for publication at the start of August.