• Module run confirmation

    For each module running in the 2021/2022 academic year, we will need to know key information for every separate run of that module. This will assist us in ensuring that data in Banner and CMIS is aligned for a smooth timetabling process once students register on their modules.

    We will be sharing a sheet per faculty detailing this information which we will ask appropriate faculty staff to check for accuracy and completeness. This will help us to ensure that we do capture every module that needs timetabling.

    For each module run, we need to know:

    • Semester(s) that it runs in

    • Estimated student numbers for that run

    • Breakdown of any teaching sets / groups to be used for delivery and the maximum size of those sets

    • Method of set allocation required (random allocation, allocation to specific sets by student programme, faculty to provide a list of set members)

    • List of other module runs which should use the same set allocations where students are on both modules (for maintaining cohort identity).

    We need checks to be completed by 27 March 2021 but we do appreciate that there will be some exceptional circumstances requiring later changes to the sheet.

    You will need to be logged in to your staff google account to access the sheets. You will need to request access permission the first time you open the sheet.