Module Delivery Data

  • Our recent NSS scores on timetabling have lost ground slightly from last year. We need to improve our data and processes to provide a better and earlier timetable to students and staff.

    To timetable effectively, any university needs a wide range of information about each module taught. This information needs to be accurate for the academic year being timetabled and provided to timetabling staff at least 6 months ahead of the timetable’s production.

    The information that the project team needs includes:

    Module details

    • Number of students on module (predicted and actual)
    • Number of students in each set / seminar / break out
    • Module number and title
    • Group (Run, Set 1, etc) and weeks and times for each run and set
    • Module leader and each person who is teaching on which week
    • Teacher’s role, eg Associate Lecturer or guest speaker, etc
    • Specialist requirements, such as photography modules that need daylight

    Information about timing

    • Number of weeks the module is taught in
    • Which weeks
    • Day of week
    • Start and end time
    • Modules advertised as taught on set days, eg Thursday evening
    • Modules taught in blocks and advertised as such, eg taught in one full time week

    Other information

    • Type of room
    • Specific requests for building / particular room
    • Special equipment / features (access requirements /  AV, etc)

    To achieve these improvements, the project team will be:

    • working with Faculty colleagues to produce improved, consistent processes and more accurate data for University Timetabling and Room Booking team (UTAR)
    • reviewing the processes that supply this information to timetabling staff
    • moving towards providing information to UTAR earlier in the academic cycle and implementing the improvements identified. This is needed to be able to create the timetable annually
    • assessing IT software solutions to support these processes