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    You can view and print your current timetable by accessing your Google Calendar.

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    For information about using your Brookes Google Calendar, see Google Apps on the IT Services website. There is also a helpful presentation on "Adding a Course Module Timetable to your Google Calendar".

    Timetabling papers

    To view a future semester's timetable, click on the ‘My Record & Results’ link in Student Information. On the lefthand side of your module selections, you will see each semester highlighted in blue. Click on the semester you wish to view, e.g. JAN-2018. Whilst we endeavour to have all the timetabling information available for the current academic year, you may find that some of the room details may not be confirmed yet. However, these should start to appear nearer the start of the semester you are interested in. 

    University guidelines on timetabling can be found in the Timetabling Policy in the University Regulations.

    Frequently asked questions

  • At the request of our students, the Timetabling team and Faculty Timetablers have been working towards providing the University with earlier timetables. In 2019, we will be publishing an Annual Timetable. This will mean the publication of all Semesters on the same date.

    Academic Year 2018/19

    Semester 1 timetables will be published one-month early on the 3rd August 2018.

    Semester 2 timetables will be published three-months earlier in mid-October.

    Academic Year 2019/20

    Semester 1, 2 and 3 timetables will be published in July 2019.

    Your personal timetable, once published can be viewed either through your Google Calendar, or you may search for specific modules and their rooms through the Course Module List.

    If you cannot attend your timetable slots for a valid reason (eg work or travel issues, care commitments, medical appointments), you may request a change on the ‘Make Timetabling Request’ link on the left hand side of your module selections, which you can find in your Student Information. Use this page to select an alternate slot for practical/seminar groups.

    Alternatively, you can use the Timetabling Request Form (deadline for submission is Week 0 of the relevant semester).

    Please note, if your request creates a timetable clash, it will not be processed. If you wish to change your seminar group after Week 0, then the timetabling request will go to the module leader for approval. Please always add comments to support your timetabling request. Unless urgent, the Timetabling team may not process your request if the group you would like to move to will outgrow its room.

    The information on your timetable reflects requests made by the module leaders before the start of the semester and should therefore be considered the most up-to-date version of the teaching schedule. For further information, please contact the module leader.
    Please contact disabilitysupport@brookes.ac.uk (tel: 01865 484650) who will liaise with the Timetabling team in order to find an appropriate solution.

    Students who wish to book an ad-hoc room for society events or work related to their course, need to book pooled rooms through either the Student Union Room Bookings team, or for course-related work, a request should be made through the Room Booking Request Form For Students.

    Booking rooms through University Timetabling and Room Booking is reserved for staff and post graduate students. All other booking requests should be made through the appropriate channels, such as those above.

    It would be helpful to receive a minimum of seven days notice in advance of bookings to make it easier to facilitate your request, and locate the best possible room for your event.

    For more information, please visit the Information for Students webpage on the Room Bookings website.

    Previously, Oxford Brookes have provided student timetables on a semesterly basis. This means that the Semester 1 timetable was published in September and the Semester 2 timetable was published in January.

    We are now working hard to provide students with a full yearly timetable in July 2019 and every year subsequent.

    The benefit of this is that continuing students will be able to refer to their timetables earlier in the year and can plan in part-time work and childcare well ahead.

    Please contact disabilitysupport@brookes.ac.uk (tel: 01865 484650) who will liaise with the Timetabling team in order to find an appropriate solution.