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    The School of the Built Environment has been running the Mentoring Scheme since 2013 for second year students studying on the BSc Real Estate Management and the BA Planning and Property Development and also for students on the MSc Real Estate.



    The Mentoring Scheme is a joint venture with our alumni association – OBREMS (Oxford Brookes Real Estate Management Society) and is designed to support students as they move from the academic environment into the world of work and start their career. Each student is matched with a dedicated mentor, with whom they work closely over a twelve month period. The Mentoring Scheme has been running since 2013 and is proving to be very successful with both mentors and students telling us that they have thoroughly enjoyed the 'mentoring experience' and have benefited in many ways. The students find that having a mentor who is also a graduate from the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University to be hugely beneficial and a great ice-breaker. We are continuing to work with our alumni organisation, OBREMS to develop the scheme and ensure a steady supply of mentors for future years. Find out more about getting involved:

    Our Mentoring Scheme offers students the opportunity to experience a one-to-one connection with a member of OBREMS (our alumni association).

    Once you have been selected to take part in the Mentoring Scheme you will be able to look at the profiles of mentors and express your preferences for a mentor. The School of the Built Environment will work together with OBREMS to match students with mentors, taking into account students’ preferences as much as possible. We will also organise an introductory meeting for all those taking part (mentors and mentees) - this will be either at the launch of the Mentoring Scheme or by email. After that it will be over to you. To help you we have produced a set of guidelines for the Mentoring Scheme and now here are six good reasons why you should think about taking part:

    • All our mentors are graduates from Real Estate (BSc or MSc) or BA Planning and Property Development at Oxford Brookes - so you will have an immediate connection.
    • You will register on LinkedIn and start to develop your online profile and professional networks.
    • You will gain valuable insights into the industry in which you wish to build your career and start to develop your professional networks.
    • You will be able to discuss ideas for your dissertation and receive feedback from someone with experience of the process.
    • Discussions with your Mentor will offer excellent opportunities to cultivate, share and test out new ideas.
    • You will be able to start to plan your own career - possibly in areas you might not otherwise have explored.

    For more information about the Mentoring Scheme, previous launch events and profiles of students and mentors who have taken part have a look at our Hot Property blog.

    If you’re concerned about the time commitment, don’t be, as the Mentor, you’ll be in control. The form and frequency of meetings will be decided by you and your student at the introductory meeting. It will be the responsibility of the student to establish and maintain contact with their mentor and they will be expected to prepare for meetings as appropriate. 

    Here are five reasons why you should consider taking part: 

    • You want to give something back and share your experiences.
    • You will make an invaluable contribution to the learning experience of the students you mentor.
    • Mentoring allows you to evaluate your own career and develop your brand or personal story.
    • It is a two-way process and offers excellent opportunities to cultivate and share new ideas.
    • It offers huge personal rewards and can be a very satisfying experience.

    To help you think about the structure of the mentoring relationship we would suggest that a minimum of FOUR significant interactions or meetings take place during the year focused around the following areas:

    • Event/ workplace visit and networking experience
    • CV and LinkedIn profile review
    • Dissertation discussion
    • Interview practice and career plan draft
    • An issue that the mentee suggests – such as presentation help or practical knowledge about the industry

    The School of the Built Environment together with OBREMS will be responsible for matching mentors with students and we will organise an introductory meeting for mentors and their mentees. There will also be support from the School should you have queries at any stage in the process. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor either this year or in the future, all we need is your name, contact details and area(s) of expertise.

    For more information about the Mentoring Scheme and profiles of students and mentors who have taken part have a look at our Hot Property blog.