School of the Built Environment


    Locally responsive public space design - special reference to Beijing 


    • MA Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University 


    • Professor Georgia Watson
    • Dr Regina Mapua Lim

    Conferences where research has been presented

    • Annual UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference '100 Years of Planning'

    I did an MA Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University in 2009-2010. Before I came to JCUD, Oxford Brookes University, I was working as a landscape architect in Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, China. During that time I was involved in all major landscape architectural design projects of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    The research is focused on what kind of urban spaces and urban design qualities contribute to the development of local public life in Beijing, and what transferable lessons from the vernacular environments can enhance the quality of local public life in contemporary urban spaces. Therefore, the research requires investigations and studies of a degree of local responsiveness in different types of public spaces in residential areas in Beijing by evaluating different urban design qualities. The aim of the research is to develop a theoretical framework and a methodology for defining principles for locally responsive public space design.