School of the Built Environment


    BIM and BIG data based prototype system (KAIFM) for existing cluster of buildings’ asset management 


    • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Cairo
    • Master's in Structural Analysis of Historical building, Spain


    • Dr Henry Abanda
    • Dr Christos Vidalakis
    • Dr Graham Wood

    Conferences where research has been presented

    • BIM for FM: Input vs Output - CIB-W78-2016 conference, Brisbane, Australia

    He received a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Cairo University in 2008. In 2013, He attained an advanced master’s degree in structural analysis of historical buildings (SAHC) from the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain) and the University of Minho (Portugal). After bachelor studying he has also worked since 2008 in Egypt, UAE, Jordan and Qatar as a structural design engineer , BIM structural engineer, BIM coordinator and BIM Manager on many projects. Through his education and work experience, he strengthened his knowledge of BIM, 4D simulation, facility management, data management, Laser scanning, COBie, historical buildings, technical writing, and researching. He is also certified as a BIM manager from RICS.

    Facilities management (FM) has developed into a thriving business sector and continues to grow across the world. Technology in FM has made a significant progress over the past 25 years to convey the complexity of buildings in terms of the number of components, technologies, structure, and service provision. However, there are still challenges in FM technology such as limited graphical capabilities of data, lack of monitoring performance, and interoperability of these existing FM systems. It is forecasted that the engagement and integration of big data analytics (BDA), and building information modelling (BIM) can overcome FM challenges and achieve more reactive, visualised, flexible and real-time decision-making for building assets. Accordingly, this research aims to contribute in filling the interoperability gap by developing a prototype system, BIM and Big Data based, that that integrates BIM data with assets data in a web based platform for better asset management decisions and also developing a conceptual framework where the critical information required for implementing BIM and Big Data in asset management practice are identified, and the ontologies and workflows to integrate these data through are stated. Moreover, the conceptual framework is polished in light of the prototype validation process.